O White whitening cream

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  • Promote lighter dark marks and fairer overall skin tone
  • Boost your skin’s moisture levels to relieve aging skin from chronic dryness and keep your skin from drying out
  • Enhance your skin’s youthful appearance and protect your skin from premature signs of skin aging
  • Promote faster skin cell regeneration and repairs to help improve the appearance of dark skin imperfections
  • Protect your skin from future damage and signs of aging, including skin darkening
O White Extra Whitening Cream Ingredients
  • Lemon: Enriched with high levels of Vitamin C, this ingredient re-energizes your skin cells, provides toning, skin tightening, and astringent properties that brighten and smoothen your skin tone
  • White Tea: Rich in antioxidants, it helps defend your skin cells from free radical damage while also revitalizing your skin cells to help speed up skin repair and renewal
  • Honey: Contains Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron, all of which are essential for promoting skin health, it also helps restore significant volumes of moisture that plumps and promotes your skin’s density
  • Vitamin A: Well-known for its anti-aging properties, this vitamin promotes faster skin regeneration and renewal
  • Vitamin E: Improves your skin’s surface layer as it deeply nourishes your skin and protects it from free radical attacks
  • Alow B: Not defined but, if this is related to aloe, it supports your skin’s natural repair and rejuvenation mechanisms
  • Q10: Not defined but, if the manufacturer means CoEnzyme Q10, this helps restore skin moisture and protect against photo aging, including hyper pigmentation


  • This product is loaded with antioxidants that works to improve your skin’s current condition, as well as protect it from future damage.
  • The product is available in multiple reseller sites which improves its accessibility although, in general, product distribution appears to be limited.


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